March 10, 2011

Hip, Hip...

Dear Mom,

...HOORAY! I just wanted to give you a quick, random rundown of all the good news I've received recently! It doesn't make up for all that happened last week because nothing ever really could, but it's reminding me that things will always turn around eventually if we are patient enough (if only your friend knew that... sigh...). Anyway, focusing on the positive!

1. I had my internal ultrasound on Monday, and Dr. S's nurse called last night to tell me that they came back normal! YAY! A funny sidenote: My iPhone has a digital-ish voicemail, so if I have no reception I can't check it-- such a pain! Well, I missed this call and the nurse left me a voicemail. She said, "Hi Samantha, I'm calling to let you know that your ultrasound results came back ----" Oh yes, I lost reception and my voicemail cut out just as she was about to say "normal" or "abnormal". I was immediately in a fit of rage, screaming at my phone and scaring the crap right out of my friend at the dinner table, when it connected again, and the messaged finished playing. Then I danced around the kitchen, furthermore scaring the poor guy, before I hugged him so hard his head almost popped off. I sat back down, and he said, "So... you're normal, but you're not... normal." HA, so true. My head thinks in overdrive and pretends something is seriously wrong with my body when it's fine, I'm an emotional rollercoaster, and I dance around like a freak when I get good news. So sue me! I at least have a healthy pelvis. YES!

2. I got a call today that I am going to be in our local newspaper again, but in a special issue covering the top stories of the year, which one was me winning that traveling grant to film an international documentary!

3. I have some really, really, REALLY great news that I can't share until approximately five days from now, so here's an I.O.U. on that one, but be excited anyway!

4. I opened up another gym membership today, and just got back from my first workout in months. I can hardly move my legs already, but I feel GREAT!

5. Dad is on vacation, and he just texted me that he's about to be in The Price is Right audience. Hilarious! I hope he gets called to "come on down!" That would be the greatest.

That quick rundown ended up being a little long-- typical, I know-- but that's okay because, as my blogging BFF says, Life is Good, and I wanted to share every bit of it with you.




  1. So happy to hear you've got good news coming your way. :-)

  2. Hurrah!
    Great news! Can't wait to read more good news in the future.

  3. if blogs had a "like" button I'd totally click it for this post :) glad you are getting some great news! totally pumped for your dad! and can't wait to hear about #3!

    p.s. toss some of the working out motivation my way, k? ;)

  4. Sami, so happy to read all the great news. Yaay!

  5. Sami, Thank you for sharing your good news, especially about that "healthy pelvis" of yours!! Congrats on the newspaper recognition too and keep up that exercising! Let us know if your dad got to "come on down!" Waiting for more good news, but I think I might already know what it is!!

  6. Sami - I am so glad to read this post, yeay for you!

    I noticed a few comments from you today (hehe) and I thought I'd better check your blog out too!

    I will add you to my blogroll so I can keep up with it :)

    Thanks again for all the love, the comments definitely made me smile!