February 24, 2011

Appointment Anticipation

Dear Mom,

Tomorrow is finally the day for my much-anticipated doctor's appointment. Me feeling anxious is an understatement, but Gisele is coming with me, and she always helps to lighten the mood. The pressure is still off and on in my pelvis, and I have absolutely no idea if it only hurts when I worry and think about it, or if I worry and think about it because it's hurting. Really frustrating, but I am ready to solve this pelvic mystery.

I'm going to spend the rest of the weekend at home with Dad, which I'm really looking forward to. Tom is going to make the six-hour trek to be there too, so I'll finally get to give him the few little things I bought him in Belize last month. I also plan to visit a couple relatives from your side of the family, have a movie date with some sorority sisters who have moved down that way, and take some time to catch up with a few of my close friends from high school. It'll be a nice change of pace and environment.

Last I knew, Dad no longer has wireless internet, so you may not hear from me until Monday. Don't worry though (I'm doing that enough for the both of us); I will write an update as soon as I can, and hopefully it's something along the lines of, "Dear Mom, I'm just fine."

Wish you were here to ease my mind.

Love you,


  1. Sending so many positive vibes coming your way sweetheart! Relax, everything will be okay. Regardless of what happens, you know you have everyone here who loves you and will do everything they can to see you through. With all that positivity, how can you lose? :-)

  2. I'll be thinking of you tomorrow. Glad you are bringing someone with you. I'll be looking forward to reading on Monday that everything is A-OK.

    Have a good weekend!

  3. Nearly, 5pm on the 25th now, so I hope all went well with your appointment today and that you heard news that eased your mind. Put today behind you and enjoy your weekend. Sounds like you have some fun things lined up.

  4. Just checking in to see you things went.

  5. Thanks everyone! ALL IS WELL :-) I was finally able to post an update today, so take a look there for more info. Thanks for your support and happy thoughts-- I needed them!