February 21, 2011

Nancy's Point

Dear Mom,

Today I am being featured on Nancy's Point with a guest post discussing my experience with grief counseling called, "Shrinking My Grief". I was flattered when Nancy asked me to be a guest writer on such a wonderful blog; her writing is so informative, passionate, and relatable, and I am honored that she wanted to include my thoughts in the same forum.

Seeing our picture on someone else's website this morning released a hundred butterflies in my stomach. It was the best feeling. All I've ever wanted to do is find a way to reach out and share our story, and I'm doing just that... with the help of some very amazing people.



  1. Hi Sami, I tried to leave a comment on Nancy's page, but couldn't for some reason, so I thought I'd come here. Just wanted to let you know your post made me cry and then smile. Good for you for seeking the help you needed. I think that's what we're all doing when we search the internet for others that can relate to our circumstances. I think one of the biggest lessons anyone can learn is that grief takes time. So true. You can't wish it away. Thank you for your beautiful post and those photos!

  2. I regularly read and enjoy your blog as well as Nancy's so it was a treat to see you featured on her blog.Beautiful writing once again and it's nice to know you two found each others' blogs and a blogosphere friendship!

  3. Sami
    Once again you eloquently wrote about your experience. It is hard to admit you need help from a person outside your sphere of family and friends. And those self help books don't always help. Having someone listen and validate your feelings is important - as a survivor or a caregiver or someone who has lost a loved one.

    I am so thankful for the social workers at my cancer center and the Wellness Community. They listen to my concerns and anxieties.

    And I am happy that you found the right person to listen to you.

  4. I enjoyed reading your guest post on my mom's blog. Thanks for sharing it!

  5. Sami, Thank you for your kind words about Nancy's Point. I was thrilled to feature your guest post with its important message. Thanks again for sharing, I know your blog is helping others. Keep up your great writing!

  6. Thank you all! And thank you Nancy for the opportunity. It was great to get a chance to share that part of my story :-)