January 24, 2011

The Sweetest Word I've Ever Heard

Dear Mom,

Coming home from Belize, I learned that two of my blog friends had received some outstanding news! Carly, my wonderful little Ovarian Cancer Warrior, found out that her AML is in remission! I am estatic! Now the chemo can focus more on what's left of her ovarian cancer and really get down to business. Little victories = big results. I'm so happy for her. Also, Tina is officially in remission! HOORAY! I know she hasn't been as thrilled as she should be because it is still there, just dormant, but I hope in time she is able to see how amazing that is. It's dormant! It's not growing! That's amazing! Great news for two great people. It made my vacation-high linger days after I returned.

Their news reminded me of the day we found out that, three months after your last chemo session, you were still in remission. That was easily one of the best days of my life.

We had taken two separate cars for some reason (I think I secretly feared I would need some alone time in case we learned otherwise; I never liked crying in front of you). We sat in Dr. Wiper's office and breathed a huge sigh of relief as he spoke that sweet word: remission. At 18 years old, I had never felt happier. Of all of my big moments prior to this, like getting asked to prom junior year, getting my license and first car, or winning the regional cheering competition that season, none could compare to how I felt that afternoon.

After the appointment, I looked over to see you and Dad practically floating through the parking lot. Your smile, so relieved, so thankful, shined brighter than the sun did that day. The second I closed my car door I broke into sobs... and it was the happiest cry I have ever had.



  1. Oh Sami,
    You just made me smile... SO big. Today just gets better and better. So happy you have your word. I gotta say, it's a great one to like. :-) Great news is made even better by great people like you. Thank you for the boost. Love! <3

  2. Sami, it is wonderful to have you sharing the joy of your 'blog' friends. Thankfully, there are memories of happier times tied up there for you also. A lovely post!

  3. I am so honoured to be mentioned in your blog. Yes, you're right, remission is a great reason to celebrate. I just hope the beast remains sleeping.

    But for today, I'm grateful and happy.

    Thanks again for your support - and your call out.

  4. Carly, glad I could make you smile since you're constantly doing the same for me!

    Chez, I'm so happy you enjoyed this poist because it's very special to me. I have been wanting to share that story for some time because I still think of it often and how happy I was that day. I actually wasn't planning to end this post with it at all, but before I knew it there it was in writing :-) It was the perfect fit!

    Tina, you're so welcome! I hope the beast remains sleeping as well. Thank you for continuing to inspire me each day through your posts and comments :-)

  5. Sami, What a beautiful story about your mom's remission. I can almost picture them "floating" across the parking lot. What a special memory. Thanks for sharing it. Great news for Carly and Tina too.