January 19, 2011

Adventures in Belize: Part 2

Dear Mom,

For some unexplained reason (that later revealed itself), I heard your voice over and over in my head days before we left saying, "Make sure you pack enough clothes to last a few days just in case they lose your luggage!"

My luggage has never been lost before, yet I continued to repeat to John, "They might lose our luggage, so pack your toothbrush and extra clothes!" Well, he didn't listen to me... and they lost our luggage. Oh, the irony!

My annoyance over the suitcase fiasco was quickly erased because from there, we were the only two passengers on our short flight to the Corozal Town district! We felt like a pretty big deal.

Upon our arrival, I am sad to say that John hit it off with another woman. Her name is Pepper. She's a bit hairier than I thought his ideal woman would be, but her warm chestnut eyes clearly melted his heart. They spent many afternoons playing fetch with a coconut in the ocean and paying each other an overwhelming amount of attention. Eventually, I won him back, and she admired him from afar... every single night... for hours. The nerve!

He actually caught the attention of most Belize natives during our stay. I am officially nicknaming him the 'animal whisperer'. It was quite entertaining.
And that was just the first 24 hours. We were in for a treat.



  1. Sami, How long did it take to get your luggage? Lost luggage is so annoying. Mine was lost once and it was a bad experience. Funny story about John and the "other woman." I always say, if dogs like your guy, it's a really good sign, a really good one!!

  2. Hey Nancy! We had it by the next afternoon- the airport even paid someone to drive it 2 hours to where we were! It seemed like most Belizean's did everything when they were good and ready to, so I was pleasantly surprised that it worked out so easily!

    Dogs LOVE John. They flock to him wherever we go (kind of like mosquitoes and me, which is not so cute). We both wish we had one of our own. There were so many stray dogs everywhere that I wanted to sneak back to the US! It was so sad!

  3. P.S. you were my 100th comment :-) Thanks Nancy!