January 21, 2011

Adventures in Belize: Part 3

Dear Mom,

A majority of our trip was work-related, but we did take some time to be those wide eyed, bushy tailed tourists. In order to refrain myself from eventually posting 'Adventures in Belize: Part 30', I'm limiting myself to only sharing 10 non-work-related things I loved best about my two weeks in Central America. Oh, and this list is complete with pictures... impressive, I know.

1. I fed this wild monkey a banana!

2. John and I climbed some really tall Mayan ruins... and I was sore for two days after. Embarassing.

3. We met another couple from the US staying at our hotel and became fast friends.

4. The view from our balcony area was utterly priceless.

5. We went zip lining over the jungle!

6. We visited the zoo (where John also held a huge snake, but that picture didn't make the cut today).

7. We had a hermit crab race on an island, which I won since John's crab crossed over to my side and raced to the finish for my team.

8. We got to see this when we woke up.

9. We had long layover where his brother lives, and he got to finally meet his 1.5-year-old nephew and 6-day-old niece!

10. We got to share it all together.

Honorable mention (there were just too many good moments!):

10A. We spent many afternoons wandering into town and getting a chance to see how the locals lived.

10B. We laughed, a lot, because of things like this (click to enlarge it and read the top and bottom signs!):

Wish you were there (and that I still was too!),


  1. Sami, I'm SO glad you had such an amazing time. (And I bet the work was fabulous too.) You deserved the retreat from everyday life and it sounds as though you enjoyed every minute of it. Good for you!

  2. Thanks Tina! It was so wonderful. Glad I could share it with you :-)

  3. Sami, I bet your Mom had a bird's eye view from paradise as you vacationed (and worked) in Belize....smiling as your zip lined over the jungle and climbed the Mayan ruins.

    You are just wildly beautiful, and I have no doubt your mom is so proud of you in every way.

    She clearly knew you should write...and now you encourage a big wide world. Thank you for encouraging me today!

  4. Thank you Valerie! No one has ever called me "wildly beautiful" before, so I reread it like 10 times cause it makes me feel pretty awesome :-) I have no doubts that my mom had a front row seat on my adventure! I'm so happy I was able to encourage your day; thanks for making me smile in return!