October 3, 2011

Many Milestones

Dear Mom,

Lease my apartment: check.
Quit my job: check.
Move back to my hometown: check.
Get a boyfriend: check, baby!

Guess which life change I am most excited to tell you about? Four guesses.

Okay, yes, I have a boyfriend! Can you tell I'm your daughter? All of a sudden I had the biggest realization that it's not what I'm doing, but who I'm doing it with that truly makes me the happiest. And to be honest, my new boyfriend is exactly what prompted me to make all these recent life changes and decisions.

I know you're dying for details, so let me back it up a little bit.

Long story short (when are they ever?), the day after I wrote the post about meeting my fair share of losers, Dad invited me to a 4th of July BBQ back home at his friend's house. He's asked me to go to this annual party for the past three years, but I've always declined for whatever reason. This year I finally caved and made an appearance. About an hour into the party, I stopped dead in my tracks at the first sight of him and said out loud, "I need to meet him." Within 10 minutes, that's exactly what I did, and we haven't missed a beat in three months. It was the weirdest thing, but I was immediately overcome with this crazy feeling that I was looking at the person I've always visualized myself being with, even though I had never seen this guy before. And not to jump the gun or anything, but the instant connection we had that continues to grow each day is telling me that my gut instinct may have been correct.

Dad has known him for quite a while and definitely approves (such a plus by the way; we got to avoid the awkward father/daughter discussion about me being in a relationship with some guy he doesn't know-- you were always my go-to gal for that!). He is the nephew of Dad's friend, and by chance was in town visiting his family after being deployed to Iraq for the third time. He's in the army and stationed elsewhere, so our relationship consists of monthly visits and hours on the phone every day having some of the greatest conversations I've ever had... siiiighhhh... I'm such a girl. I'm completely smitten. It's kind of sickening and completely fabulous at the same time. I am so happy and I am finally allowing myself to be vulnerable and fully let someone into my life. It's scary because nothing is ever for certain, but at least I know now the kind of genuine, funny, caring, appreciative man I am deserving of does exist and can feel the same way towards me.

And the best part is: he asks about you. When he visits, he invites Dad to come do stuff with us; he brings me to his parents' so I can get to know them too. He's shown me just how important it is to surround yourself with the people who make you happy, and that's why I moved home. I didn't feel good about where I was, but now I finally feel great about where I'm going. Where exactly? Well, that's TBD... but for now, it's in the house that you spent 19 years with me in teaching me what's truly important in life: family, friends, and love.

I love you,


  1. How fantastic! Truly happy for you Sami - you certainly deserve it :)

  2. Loved reading this ! Enjoy each day - and you are right it is all about who you are with.

  3. Sami,
    I'm so glad you went home for a while. Hearing you say it's the place your mom spent 19 years teaching you about what's truly important, really says it all. I'm also thrilled you have met someone interesting! I am so hoping for good things and people to be in your life, Sami and I'm glad you are feeling better about things.

  4. Ooh so happy for you!! I often check your blog to see if oyu have written again and was pleased to find good new.

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  6. Sami - Reading your blog, really reminded me that I am not alone. I lost my mother to liver cirhossis (Hep C) last Nov, and my father to pancreatic cancer this August. Losing both of them in such a short time, hasn't give me much time to cope. Much worse for my sister.

    Know that you are not alone, and that your mom is in a better place without pain. Take care.

    PS. I write private letters to my parents, about things that happen, questions and worries that bother me and so on.

  7. Your last two posts are enlightening as I am about to make the same decision myself....moving back home and starting a new life there without mom in the future. I guess this all goes to show that there is a reason for everything. Although the path seems bleak and unknown....

  8. Sami,

    I am so very, very happy to hear you're doing well. I hope you're so busy being happy and that's why you're not blogging. But I have to admit, I miss hearing about what's happening in your life.

    Keep finding all the good things that are waiting for you out there because that's what life's all about (and I'm sure what you're mom would have wanted).


  9. Thank you everyone for your comments and encouragement! I am alive and well and living a completely different, wonderful life that I can't wait to tell you all about. More info to come. Thank you for sticking with me through all these life changes! XO

  10. Hi Sami, just catching up here. Glad to see you've been posting. I was wondering how you were doing. So excited for your news. I remember that stage, too, and I believe I only truly felt that way about the man I married. I felt I knew as soon as I saw him that he'd be the one, which sounds so cliche, but it was true. I wish you nothing but happiness.